The most common type of woven labels are damask woven labels. Damask is a made up of polyester yarns, which come in numerous colors. Damask can weave fine details and is soft against the skin.

A lustrous based thread which has a smooth soft texture, Damask is a thinner thread as compared to other woven labels, often referred to as Denier Density. Lower the Denier, better the quality, but also higher the cost. If you are looking for quality labels, but don’t need anything too fancy, the 100 denier damask woven labels will suit your needs just fine.

If your items are higher end, will be worn by infants or kids, or have a lot of smaller lettering and details, the 50 denier damask woven labels will be your best bet. 50 denier high density woven labels have the highest density weave available, displays great details, and are very soft and luxurious. This weave is extremely high quality, sturdy, and soft. You can use up to 8 colors, but the increase in color adds to the cost and weight of the label.

A high end thread based finished product which has a superior quality as compared to the normal damask. Thought it is used comparatively less, however the finishing of lettering, design and texture is absolutely fine anc as classic as it can get on woven. Typically considered high end and used for intricate details.


Satin is priced at almost the same rate as damask, so making the choice can be difficult. Most People, who choose satin prefer the look and feel of the satin weave over the damsak.

If you are making vintage inspired clothing or accessories, satin would be a good fit. It’s also great for infant apperal. If you want a label with lots of color and detail, satin woven labels might not be right for you.

The texture of satin is absolutely glossy, but in the rich way. Satin labels are put to outshine the non glossy labels so that the text is visible distinctively. With an extreme rich texture how ever, the lettering is partially spread as compared to the damsak woven labels.

ZIP Puller Labels

Woven Zipper pulls are a great addition to nearly any piece of clothing that has a zipper. Zipper pulls are made with a custom design of very high quality. We have a committed team that will incorporate a client's design into a zipper pull that will add style and amazing designs to your desired product!

Pullers stands distinctively and thus is more catchy, stylish and into the new modern concept. Zipper pulls can be used on many items. A zipper pull is often purchased to hang on hoodies, jackets, jeans, pants, luggage, toys, purses, bedding, and other promotional items.

Each order for woven Zipper pulls will be delivered to the client cut and finished. They come ready to be applied to the garment or product. Here , we provide high quality products that will meet the requirements and will also be cost effective and budget friendly.

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