Tafetta Printing

Tafetta is the best option for Printing if you are looking for something budgeted and nothing too glimmery or fancy.

It would not be of the cheapest quality, however priced lower as compared to Satin Printing and Needle Satin Printing!

Satin Printing

Satin printing is suggested for them,who are in need of a more lustrous finish with a soft , silky touch.It is comparatively more expensive , however it gives the garment a rich and sober look.

Needle Satin – Single and Both Side

M.M.Labelwala has always provided something more than what is available at the market. Needle Satin ( single side and both side printing ) is a material and a process which is not easily available by all as it requires a solely focused and dedicated printing machine. It is a top notch quality available which would make your garment stand out from the label quality of others! GUARANTEED!

Cotton Twill Printing

Cotton Twill Printing are meant for those who want a more natural , unprocessed , raw YET elegant and classy finish! It is ,”Still Soft” .

They are printed upon by flexo ink & are available in limited colors like beige, iron-maiden white etc.Bleach & Dye is a possibility for an additional fee.

A new change in the printing industry, with a big potential market. When put upon, it is definite to strike the peoples eye!

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