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Dream, Not Far Away - InHouse Concept
Keeping up with time, M.M.Labelwala Company has planned to provide their customers with an INHOUSE concept of availability of all their required products of garments, soon.

With already many new products available to the cilents, such as laces, rigid tapes, hang tags the company sees a new horizon.
This was what had instilled an idea to start a revolutionary product line, which would in the coming future speak largely and make or break a brand.The idea of Branding was beforehand thought about and thus as a result, M.M.Labelwala was inaugurated. It started in the year 1963, with the sole focus to provide the growing market with quality labels to be put upon their products for branding purposes.

Through out decades, we had focused upon supplying the best quality labels, designed perfectly as per our clients requirements. With the growing market, M.M.Labelwala grew and today it supplies not only Taffeta Labels, but labels in Woven Damask, Super Damask, Satin, Muller Satin, Needle Satin Printing, Laces, Rigid Tapes, Hang Tags etc. Now with a wide category of products, M.M.L teams it up with a promise in quality and efficient design, for new brands especially.

Soon, M.M.L prepares to expand and offer more variety in the garment line such as Buttons, Heat Transfer Labels, Belts and many more. With a goodwill unparallel, M.M.Labelwala has made extremely valuable clients and preserved them carefully.
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