Art Board & Pasting Board

Hangtags,( Also known as papertags, pricetags, hanging tags etc) are made using multiple boards. However, concentrating on the requirement of our local market clients and inland exporters , the demand for ArtBoard & PastingSheets are the most, so we tend to focus and centralize around the same.

With beautiful designs and amazing colors, we also assure you the usage of the best quality of boards by us! ArtBoard is a soft , air-swirling board with a low GSM. It is cheaper than the pasting boards. It is flexible but prone to creases if not handled carefully.

Pasting Boards are much tougher and way more durable than the ArtBoard. They obviously cost more but have a wider set of customization possibility. They are stiff and cannot be creased or torn until a very hard pressure is applied. Used in all kinds of garments, right from shirts to rugged jeans!

Premium HangTags

When it comes to providing the best quality in the most unique style, we provide you what none can, especially in EASTERN India. These tags are our FORTE! We mix & match , style it up , cover it with class and we assure you a long deep gazing look. These rich looking HangTags shall speak so much about your ultra-styled up garment that you need not speak more.

Here , our products shall act what we believe in, “ Silents Salesman To Your Creation “

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